Trevor Marty is a fourth generation gigging musician. For the last 80 years someone in his family has been entertaining people, and now it's his turn at bat.

Whether he's playing a resonator or a flattop guitar, his joy for playing is palpable and addictive.

In 2009 Marty played a folk festival in Cleveland, toured in Nova Scotia, played house concerts across the country, and released his third CD, 'Troubled Times.' In 2003 he released a live album 'Red Hot Daisy Juice' with the band Mot Mot (much to the delight of the bands fans). 'Beneath the Trees' was released in 2005 and has garnered exceptional response, positive reviews, and internet and college radio play. 'Troubled Times' his latest released in 2009 is doing just as well and gathering quite a following.

He has collaborated with several emerging artists in the US and Canada and continues playing out on a regular basis in Minnesota and Wisconsin. His fan base is growing and as it does he is forming a warm inviting bond with his live audiences, often taking time to engage fans after shows in one to one conversations about instruments and music. Of this relaxed relationship with listeners Marty says, "Music is, was and ever shall be all about bringing people together."

QUOTES "...an amazing musician ...one of those rare people who has a wonderful heart and is able to share it through music that speaks to the soul." -Katie McRoberts (Rochester Downtown Alliance& Music Festival)

"Overall, Marty's passion for music boosts him up a notch and it is apparent in his work. It's not everyday that someone can make you believe in their love of music, and he does so with remarkable ease and grace."  Marina Agerter (The Duluth Readers Weekly)

"Beneath The Trees" is a refreshing acoustic gem, I've been playing the song "Twice" on a repeat in my old truck's CD player...it's a perfect soundtrack to a Midwestern day. - Conductor Jack Norton (Emmy award winning director)

"Trevor Marty is a pleasure to work with...A class performer/artist. I know I'm gonna have a good show when I see Trev on the bill." -Jordan Van Hook (Professional Sound Engineer)

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