Beneath the Trees

Trevor Marty

You've heard Jazz, you've heard Folk, and Bluegrass well Trevor Marty's music not only combines them but it's great for doing the dishes with, or driving, or just about anything. You will love it...

Trevor Marty writes from a deeply imaginative place combining interesting characters and real people with fashioned worlds and circumstances to birth stories that while thought provoking, speaking to environmental and social issues, equally engage and entertain. His eclectic style, a blend of folk, jazz, bluegrass, and acoustic Rock-a-Billy, provides a large pallet of techniques to create from. His influences are as diverse as his music itself from Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. to Jerry Garcia and Willie Nelson the spirits of both great activists, humanitarians and great musicians are present in his writing. Combining the best of all his chosen genres and influences Marty’s one of a kind sound surpasses the sum of its parts.

Born into a musical family on an army base in Texas during Vietnam, Marty developed into a bright intense young man with strong spiritual leanings and a deep reverence for the earth, people, healing and peace, after travelling to Washington to participate in mass demonstrations protesting the first gulf war he moved to Poland for a short time in 1997. The overseas adventure left an indelible mark on the then fledgling songwriter, deepening his understanding of the world and changing his writing forever. Of this journey Marty says “I visited a war museum, & saw the very very poor, watched the best new Jazz I had ever seen. It showed me that we can do anything we want”

As a multi-instrumentalist (he plays guitar, slide, harmonica, as well as some base and mandolin) Marty has played in several bands and with international recording artist Jeff White, lending both his guitar and drum prowess and his surprisingly earthy and open vocals. In 2003 he released a live album “Red Hot Daisy Juice” with the band “Mot Mot” (much to the delight of the bands fans). His latest ‘studio’ album “Beneath the Trees” by “Trevor Marty and Mot Mot” released in 2005 has garnered exceptional response, positive reviews and is receiving internet and college radio play.

Marty is currently working on his next album and collaborations with several emerging artists in the US and Canada and continues playing out on a regular basis in Minnesota and Wisconsin. His fan base is growing and as it does he is forming a warm inviting bond with his live audiences, often taking time to engage fans after shows in one to one conversations about instruments and music. Of this relaxed relationship with listeners Marty says, “Music is, was and every shall be all about bringing people together. Our world is way too separated and even if we can all get together for just a few hours then that’s helping. I guess...and I’m in love with being on stage.”

QUOTES "Beneath The Trees" is a refreshing acoustic gem, I've been playing the song "Twice" on a repeat in my old truck's CD's a perfect soundtrack to a Midwestern day.” - Jack Norton (Published writer)

"Overall, Marty's passion for music boosts him up a notch and it is apparent in his work. It's not everyday that someone can make you believe in their love of music, and he does so with remarkable ease and grace." – Marina Agerter (The Duluth Readers Weekly)

We wish you good listening.

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