“..a bit understated...refreshing.
...Kind’ve like Springsteen or Neil Young. Excellent Performances here.”
          David Seitz (Grammy winning producer. Worked with Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Buckley, Aqualung, Michelle Shocked.)

"...an amazing musician ...one of those rare people who has a wonderful heart and is able to share it through music that speaks to the soul." Katie McRoberts (Rochester Downtown Alliance & Music Festival)

"Overall, Marty's passion for music boosts him up a notch and it is apparent in his work. It's not every day that someone can make you believe in their love of music, and he does so with remarkable ease and grace."  Marina Agerter (The Duluth Readers Weekly)

"Trevor Marty is a pleasure to work with...A class performer/artist. I know I'm gonna have a good show when I see Trev on the bill." Jordan Van Hook (Professional Sound Engineer)

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