Thanks for suggesting I take a look at your website. I enjoyed it alot!
Enjoying your songs as I work, Trevor! Just heard a major 7th chord played on a dobro--how cool!
My only regret is that I haven't checked this web site out earlier. Love, love it all Trevor. You are a beautiful soul, and your music is as well.
Hello! What a beatiful Dobro-type-guitar (can't see the head, though, so I don't know what brand it is)! If it's the one you're playing on "Waiting" it also sounds beautiful! Very best wishes, Stäni
Hey Trevor! It's been eons since we've seen each other... This is a beautiful site, and I'm very happy for you. Music truly is the international language of the soul. Get in touch -- we have much to catch up on.
Hello Trevor, I like the style of music you play and GREAT voice! It's very refreshing to listen to!
hi trevor the neck set into the box you have to block the inside so that when you go through the box theres no movement on the bottom best just to wrap the box around a solid peace of wood but i left mine hollow best i could gives it a full tone .
Trevor performed at our wedding ceremony and we could not have been more pleased. Not only did he learn 2 new songs for our ceremony, but his thoughtfull nature and kind soul made working with him a complete joy. Trevor is a talent no doubt, but it is humility and graciousness that really set him apart. We can't express our thanks enough, and recommend him highly. Sarah and Josh Bergman
Your songs are real good keep more coming
Trevor, I have August 28th open if your interested, other wise more dates to come. Thanks, Roxanne
Soaking in this ethereal blend of bluegrass, folk and urban contemporary is like taking a sweet journey home. Original, peaceful & organic - timeless and inspired. Evocative of everything good and possible in the world. Boundless talent and musical mastery made to seem easy. Congratulations on this musical milestone.
Nice use of panning on your new song, "Better to Bend." Perty good words too.
Hey Trevor You are awsome! You have an amazing voice. I love your songs and music Catch you later Sandy
Love you're new songs and web site. I love see you happy doing what you love doing writing and singing your songs. You have a great voice and I'm not saying that because I'm family....
Hey Trevor, this is Mara's friend Jeanne. Looking forward to meeting you at 324.. actually listening to your songs.. good stuffs! I had no idea. always refreshing to hear good new music. Be well & keep on doing what you do! good colors and design on the site- kudos~ weezie
Hello from Winona! I am working on my CD with Annie and Tom and I thought I would drop how a line. Checked out your CD and I love "Blackcat Lightning". I need to get down to the bookstore to pick up a copy.
Hi Trevor we be from New Zealand I read the music thougts bloody good really get some good stuff we can be a little Isolated we did a Christmas Cd 10 original's it's up on cdbaby Pirongia Mountain Men. I Like Your Stories in song Good stuff Mate.
Sharp new page man. I'm really digging it. Take care. Stay warm. Sing loud. Play hard.
Great site Trevor! Love your music! Love these images on your website as well. Good job!
The page looks great!

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